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The Power Of The PA Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

In this one-off, special episode, Lily is joined by Georgie Parmenter, Executive Assistant at Monzo Bank. Monzo Bank prides itself on building a new kind of bank - one that lives on your smartphone and is built for the way we live today.

Georgie provides EA support to the COO and CPeO (amongst others) and is responsible for managing Monzo’s PA team – having built it from scratch earlier this year - as well as owning EA recruitment and onboarding for the business.

Having started her career in customer service, working on the beauty counter for Bobbi Brown, Georgie’s career journey is really interesting and is a great example of how taking a temporary administration position can lead to other opportunities, which change the trajectory of your career entirely.

Georgie speaks openly to Lily about her recent diagnosis with a chronic illness; the support she’s received both from her employer and from other EAs in the industry; and how this has affected her life and career. Lily found speaking to Georgie inspiring and we hope that this episode will provide hope for anyone going through something similar.

Special thanks to Lily Loves partner, WorkLife by OpenMoney, for sponsoring this episode of The Power of the PA Podcast.